BRAC Keeps Working Hard


Aysan Berfu Yurdakul, from Bahcesehir University in Istanbul, represents BRAC (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee) at the HNMUN. She shared some of her experience at the HNMUN 2015 with us, but first she gave us a brief summary of what BRAC is about. It is one of the largest NGOs, founded in 1972 in Bangladesh, and it focuses on the “prevention of poverty” essentially through financial aid. BRAC has been assigned to three committees, Historical GA, Legal and DISEC. In her opinion, it is not worthy for BRAC to take part of the debates in the Legal Committee because they are discussing “terrorism” a subject that is not part of the NGOs main focuses. Therefore, she has decided to concentrate on participating on the other two and try to make a big impact on these committees with the aid of other NGOs. During the third session, BRAC’s delegate will have the opportunity to speak in front of the HGA, whose topic is the “Millenium Goals”. A coalition with other NGOs was formed (one of them being Freedom House), and it appears that this coalition has given more power to the NGOs, in the words of Aysan it is much better because “you get other ideas, and you get support”. We wish BRAC the best of luck during the Conference, and hopefully they will be able to get some support for their great cause.


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