HNMUN 2015 After Hours: Midnight Snacking with DISEC


Following the close of the Casino Night in the Grand Salon of the Boston Marriott Copley Place Hotel yesterday evening, a number of creative delegates took matters of fun into their own hands.  Reporters from Agence France-Presse found a group of particularly charming delegates and accompanied them to their next stop of the night.  We quickly discerned that they represented a diverse array of countries in the Disarmament and International Security Committee and that they had bonded over hours of debate, resolution crafting, and California Pizza Kitchen lunches.  Agence France-Presse delves into the hidden world of Harvard National Model United Nations after hours happenings.

California Pizza Kitchen, the gastronomic hub of Harvard National Model United Nations 2015.

The first thing our journalists noticed after arriving at our destination – a lovely hotel suite on the twenty-third floor of the hotel – was the sheer quantity of food.  The delegates had ordered and arranged a brilliant array of snacks : four pizzas from a neighborhood Italian restaurant, piles of pork lo mein noodles, chicken and vegetable dumplings, several kinds of satay skewers, two cases of Diet Coke, and – for those delegates without such hardy stomachs – a Cobb salad fit for Boston’s finest.  After making plates, our lovely hosts explained their origins and how they came to be involved with Harvard National Model United Nations 2015.  “The two of us are both European residents but hail from opposite sides of the continent,” quipped the delegate representing Tuvalu in the committee.  “It must have been my accent that gave me away,” she continued with her charming London drawl, “because I seemed to attract the other European delegates instantly.”  She then gestured around her, introducing our reporters to delegates representing states as diverse as Gabon and Finalnd.  She went on: “As you can see, we quickly amassed quite a crew of international friends,” gesturing at the diverse crew behind her.  The delegate of Tuvalu told us that the group found each other quickly because they all took their work seriously while not taking themselves seriously.  “While we are here to do an excellent job in committee,” she replied, “the social aspects of the conference are just as rewarding.”

The delegates, along with the rest of the DISEC committee, can be found in Salon E on the fourth floor of the Boston Marriott Copley Place Hotel.

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