Amnesty International Attempts to Tackle Arms Trade


The representative from Amnesty International (AI) has been working with members of the Disarmament and International Security (DISEC) to discuss the issues surround ethnic crises in different parts of the world.

With offices in over 80 countries, the organization has worked towards the goal of universal human rights for over 50 years. Along with assisting in the creation of the human rights committee, and aiding in establishing protocol against torcher, Amnesty International has begun working to dismantle the global arms trade.

“It’s one of Amnesty’s big goals,” the representative said. “If they’re not armed then these massacres can’t happen – not in the same way and not to the same extent.”

Along with such, the organization also is calling for the prosecution of war criminals who have participated in these situations. Referring to the recent crimes in South Sudan, the offenses were committed without impunity, and no culprits were sent to the International Criminal Court for prosecution.

Currently, Amnesty International has been in talks with India and the United Kingdom who have included a clause regarding the embargo of sales on small arms. Alabania and its coalition of smaller states has also discussed the possibility of engaging with non-governmental organizations on the ground of their countries.

Outside of these blocks, a clear split still exists regarding the necessity of international intervention, to establish a framework for peacekeeping, versus the absolute respect of state sovereignty.

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