The Presidium on the National Conference on Benin, 1990



One of the loudest comments in the room of the Presidium of the National Conference on Benin was on the improving relations with France. Once the relations with France improve, the help and structure of Benin would be improved. By establishing a strong tie with the nation, the funding could potentially become higher, which is something that the International Monetary Fund so wishes. Not only will fostering that connection open up trade between nations, but it will open up great economic opportunities for Benin. Among the attendants were members of the International Monetary Fund, Archbishops, and other important individuals.

A surprise visitor who breached the security protocols entered the room, in which there was very confidential information and a myriad of influential public figures. The person identified herself as a University Professor in Benin. The person broke off a confidential document being read by the audience and said that she was disappointed about the funding that has gone wrong in order to reestablish the priorities of Benin and help boost their economy.



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