Street Style I: Melissa Haddad and Miguel Conjuegra


Names: Melissa Haddad and Miguel Conjuegra

Position: South Africa

University: Universidad del Rosario

Committee: World Health Organization

Nationality: Colombia

Studies: Law and Medicine

Melissa Haddad and Miguel Conjuegra show off their medical-chic fashion choices.

Agence France-Presse caught up with trendsetters Melissa Haddad and Miguel Conjuegra in the WHO committee at Harvard National Model United Nations 2015. Our reporters were incredible taken by their striking choice of outerwear: the dynamic duo chose to outfit themselves in matching tailored, white laboratory coats.  We loved their take on a modern classic: from the back, the two almost appeared to be wearing truncated trench coats, but a closer examination revealed that they were in fact doctor’s jackets, complete with their school’s crest on the breast pocket.

“Our committee is very scientifically intensive,” Haddad revealsed to us, “with lots of attention paid to biological phenomena. These doctors robes show our dedication to scientific knowledge and to finding solutions to this health crisis.”

Conjuegra, her partner, agreed with these sentiments, emphasizing that “wearing these jackets reminds us of who were are working for”: sick patients around the globe. “We are working to treat these people,” he continued, “and we intend to do so.”

Debate on these and other issues in the World Health Organization committee continues in the Gloucester Ballroon of the Boston Marriott Copley Place Hotel.

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