China working hard to prevent infringements of national sovereignty in Yemen


This weekend’s topic on the Security Council’s table is ‘State building and Security in Yemen’. This debate can only be described as polarized, which makes it difficult to come to agreements since none of the sides are willing to give in. We had the opportunity to meet with the Chinese delegation to get his view on the development of the debate and to get the details on China’s position. The delegate identified two main points being discussed. The first one is the drone strikes executed by America which contravene with International Law “and therefore are opposed by the majority of this Council.” The second issue, is the question of support and legitimacy of the Houthis, who our delegate describes as being “too hard to ignore because they are effectively in power now and they represent a broad sector of the population.” The most difficult thing about this debate, for the Chinese delegation, is that every state is “pushing for their own agenda”.

The outcome of this Conference will be of great importance to China. The country’s main interest in foreign relations is creating stability and an environment that is suited for economic trade and development. The Gulf is a very active trade region, therefore it is of much interest for China. The instability in Yemen has, of course, ripple effects. This is why the Chinese delegation is working hard on proposing a resolution that will “contain the conflict.”It has always been proven that “China’s main focus when it comes to International Law is not wanting to meddle or infringe national sovereignty where is not absolutely needed.”

China has been working throughout the conference alongside Russia because they share many of their interests, and what they are now trying to do is create a counter weight against the US and its allies who are “quite powerful and influential.” The People’s Daily will be covering the developments of this debate of great relevance for China.

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