The Cabinet on Democratic Republic of Vietnam



Cabinet of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam


This specialized agency talked about one of the most important topics at hand: guerrilla warfare, military tactics, and economic resources. One of the most important questions within the small committee was whether the United States should aid in guerrilla tactics and financially help Vietnam to get back up on their feet. The Minister of Health stressed the importance of America and France strengthening their alliances and also being able to fight for improvements. The Minister for Propaganda echoed the importance of establishment of alliances, but also a commented on the wellbeing of the people and their relation with the Armed Forces, stating: “We cannot intend to help civilians if we don’t establish a close relationship with them.” In order to better protect the civilian population, we need to integrate the military with the local citizens.

The Minister of Finance tackled the common beliefs that the United States antagonizes foreign affairs situations, by meddling in issues that do not regard the nation. He contributed, that ” The help from the United States of America is a pillar for social, economic improvement.” By the other hand, the Minister of Sinecure, Nguyen Tuong Tam, said: “The United States and France have just finished fighting a difficult war, their soldiers are tired, and we have got to take into consideration the arduous work that the Forces have put into the war, and grant the nation time to heal, and bounce back up, it is considerably important to call for a cease fire in Vietnam.”

The ministry of Propaganda urges at the following:

- Developing intelligence

- Ruling out the interception of radio

- Focus on using local media and manage propaganda.

The resources obtained should be used from our flora and fauna, and we should be using that which we already posses in order to be successful at this difficult war, the Ministry of Health stated.

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