Political Crisis: Pipe Bombs, Terrorism in the Kyrgyz Government


BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan — Agence France-Presse reports from the front lines of a series of recent terrorist bombings against a host of government ministers in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Following a controversial announcement by Prime Minister Djoomart Otorbaev heralding the end of excessive legislative term lengths — specifically a reduction in the length of a Parliamentary term from six years to four years — the country’s internal security forces revealed a number of successful and foiled attacks against the ruling administration.

Prime Minister Otorbaev showing grave concern over the recent terrorist attacks.

“Regrettably, two Kyrgyz legislators had hidden bombs planted in their home offices earlier this morning,” reported the Minister of the Interior. “Further news will be released as it is obtained and verified.”

Prime Minister Otorbaev reassured the Kyrgyz populace by deploying increased police forces across the capital city and its neighboring suburbs in addition to stationing 500 military officers in conjunction with these domestic officers to increase training and coverage.

In addition to the bombings, a number of legislative offices in Bishkek were stormed at approximately 11:00 am local time, instilling worry in a number of citizens and elected officials alike. More than one dozen police officers were wounded in the counterstrike.

Agence France-Presse remains committed to keeping its journalists on the ground in Bishkek for as long as is feasible and will update its readers on the situation.


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