Space Tourism Over Before it Began


The committee on Futuristic Commission on Space Development, was called into session to discuss the eminent threat the space tourists on the ‘SPACEx’ space ship. Which contained sixteen tourist. The spaceship successfully landed on the moon however it quickly became apparent that all was not well. One member had contracted a disease that could not be confirmed as an earthly pathogen.

The option of shooting down the space craft was defeated because it would create debris which would endanger lives on earth.  The directive that Israel supported was to send up a De Vince Robot drone that would allow doctors to treat the patients from earth.  Ensure no human lives on earth where endangered.  This was defeated.

The directive that passed was to send up two Indian doctors to treat the poorly in person. This directive included clause  seven which stated that,“if we find passengers are dead aboard the SPACEx craft due to the disease, we engage Indian vessel emergency thruster to send the SPACEx lunar lander into deep space.”  While other passengers where showing signs of improvement to treatment , one elderly male did die forcing the committee to impose clause seven.

The Anti Space Exploration agency supported by the Pope made threats to the committee. The Pope as publicly come out condemning SPACEx and the committee, saying that “they tried to reach the heavens so they were purged”.  The united states has said that they have intelligence to suggest that North Korea are supporting  the terrorist movement against the committee.

Israel told me that the stand in support with their ally the United States of America. They condemn the terrorists. They would support banning North Korea from the committee indefinitely.  North Korean believe that they are the victims of ‘scap -goating’ that the USA are biased and prejudice towards them. That this is a panic response which is evident from the lack of evidence being released to support these claims.

In the mist of all this controversy an Israeli satellite was destroyed by Turkey.  Turkey stated that they informed the Israeli government of a potential collision a week before it happened and that they did not respond. They do take full responsibility but questioned the cause of the collision. Israel is experimenting with nuclear tests, test that could cause an externality such as the movement of satellites.  I have yet to obtain comment from the Israeli delegation as to these accusations.

*This committee is set in a hypothetical situation in 2030

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