Block in UNHRC trying to Stop Statelessness


The UN Human Rights Council has been trying to find a solution to statelessness over the weekend. As the debate developed three blocks were created, one of them comprised of African and Asian developing countries, Congo being one of them. We got the opportunity to interview the Congolese delegation who explained what their block is pursuing. Their main focus is creating a social aid program that they named ‘Stop Statelessness Straightaway’. This is a program whose goal is to build shelters where they would be able to guide these people and provide them with help. They have been working closely with NGOs like Refugee International and OXFAM, because they believe that this is a work that would be done in a better way if governments work jointly with NGOs. As the Conference comes to an end, we wait anxiously for the results of these fruitful debates and hope that the best decision is made by the Council.

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