The World Health Organization Forgot the Actual Problem


According to the UNSCN, “Poor diets result more often from poverty than from ignorance, however, the ultimate solution lies in economic and social measures that can ensure a more equitable distribution of resources, including food”.

How do we solve malnutrition? Is biofortification only going to heighten the problem? By increasing the nutrient value of a certain food, for example oranges which contain all your vitamin C needs for the week, we may become concerned valued foods and not a diverse amount of nutrients.

Is this just an emergency solution to the problem, covering up the fact that poverty is at the core of all of this? This is not something that research and science can just fix. They need self-sustainability, irrigation, access to fertilizer,  helping indigenous framers grow better and more varied crops to allow for a better local diverse diet.

The WHO are backing an untested and unconfirmed vaccine for malnutrition and rolling it out to the masses hoping it will work. This is not the usual approach they take with disease. Israel has been at the for front of R&D in GMOs, however, when speaking to the Israeli delegate at the WHO he stated that “It hasn’t killed anyone…” Not the kind of reassurance you would like to hear.

It seems that the World Health Organization is just trying to make themselves feel better about a problem that they don’t really know how to fix.

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