EU Committee Works Toward Intangible Goals


Sweden, a country with over forty-percent migrant population, wishes to accept new immigrants only if they are educated to a certain level of literacy in Swedish. The country does not state whether it will take on the financial burden of this education. They also wish to divide the burden among the countries but have yet to resolve how this might even be achieved.

Denmark has a refreshing stance on immigration: it has an encouraging an open door policy and wishes to focus on the needs of refugees.  This is in stark contrast with Poland’s policy, that wishes to distance themselves completely from immigration and supporting refugees. This is really surprising, seeing as they have put down lots of their economic growth to the availability of workers for the SME’s.

Since October 2013,  Israel has set The Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption to be responsible for encouraging aliyah, as well as overseeing ongoing absorption procedures that include contact with potential immigrants at the stage at which they become interested in aliyah prior to immigration to Israel, through assisting and monitoring new immigrants from their initial arrival and arrangements in Israel until their absorption and integration into all facets of Israeli life. Absorption assistance is facilitated through dialogue and cooperation with the new-immigrant population, relevant bodies and immigrant organizations, and individual attention to each new immigrant and returning resident.

No such agency is even being discussed as a possibility even though it is a vey suitable way of dealing with the current problem.

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