Exclusive: Profile on Israel Delegate Cameron Attard


At Boston, Mass.

Special Summit on Technology: Israel delegate Cameron Attard, shares viewpoints with The Guardian.

Cameron Attard is a member of the UN Youth Australia, and currently delegate of the Special Summit on Technology. The Committee seems to have reached a concordance in regard to topics, most favour Topic A: Personal Privacy and Internet Security. Israel believes that in order to solve detrimental issues to our world, such as terrorism, recruiting of youth into terrorism cells, international conflict, among other, there needs to be a serious framework for internet privacy and security. The issue being, that Israel is surrounded by those who do not recognise the state, or want to destroy it. The rise of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) poses an important question: “How does our general population remain affected by the media outlets on the internet, that the extremist organisation use, to “share” with the world their forms of torture? Israel’s Cameron Attard believes that his delegation had worked intensely with the cooperation of others, to monitor closely and surveil the activity that citizens have on media, and TV. Though that might pose a question about the right to privacy of citizens across the world, it is extremely important for people to know that there is absolutely everything to be concerned about with the recruitment of youth on ISIS, and the use of media and technology for their goals. Israel is working arduously in order to gain and maintain control of the situation and use the internet as a powerful tool to monitor and surveil the problem, as well as countermeasure it.

In regards to the recent activity that the terrorist cell has had with violence in the media with recent videos of beheadings and such. The Government of Israel along with the delegation is framing to sensor images, so that they do not affect the public. There is also a big concern with health technology, to make path for affordable ways to bring healthcare to nations that need it, with the most prime technology possible.

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